April 20, 2020

Top 10 wooden soap dishes

Humans are returning to nature back after making tremendous technological progress while returning from a hectic office day, everyone wants to relax by staying close to nature. Natural material made products are getting famous among most of the people. So if you are in search of some handmade accessories for your space, it will be helpful for you.  Here we have describes best quality wooden soap dishes to make the choice easier for you.

1.    Teak Soap Dish

The classy teak wooden soap dish would be the best addition to your home interior. It is a purely handmade product made of premium quality wood. This chemical-free product is highly functional for keeping your precious soap away from moisture to splinter it into pieces. The tiny holding try is easy to clean, without any hard reaching points. The sleek and stylish look make unique in design, seamlessly complement your antique wooden furniture.    

Pros :

  • Stylish design
  • Durable material
  • Ventilation


  • No cons found

2.    Bare Decor Sudsy Soap Dish, Genuine Teak Wood

Handicraft wooden soap dish is made of Genuine Teak wood which ensures optimal soap preservation. Don`t get fret over the foamy liquids of soap dish during the bath, just give a chance to ribbon styled wooden dish. it is practical to drain water naturally by keeping the soap dry. The ventilation quality of this dish is dependable for different places in your home. Premium quality provides you with a contemporary appearance, with useful features.     



  • Handmade product
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Elegant design


  • Sometimes gets dark in color

3.    Wood Soap Dish, 100% Natural Cedar

What a classy design! The attraction of this cedar made soap dish is irresistible especially if you are a nature enthusiast.  Free of all types of chemical compositions, this is pure cedarwood product. Most of the people every time want to have a unique piece for home decor, this could be among those vintage style soap dishes, You would be amazed to know that this product is handmade by a sweet couple of USA, sound Interesting! Design is so perfect to keep your place clean, bars don`t let the soap gets mushy with moisture. Size is compact to suits well with your sanitary fittings.     


  • Pleasant smell
  • Water draining quality
  • durable


  • Need frequent cleaning

4.    Salt Tech Classic Bamboo Soap Dish

Try something classy to save your soap from sinking in the water quite often; take one more step to get rid of mold and mildew. It has a premium grade varnish coating that helps to prevent cracks. Adopt healthy lifestyle habits by choosing natural material based products that are environment friendly as well. The bamboo soap dish would a unique addition to your washroom accessories. This luxurious wooden soap holder prevents soap from drying or splintering into pieces.  


  • Mold resistant
  • Varnish safety


  • Varnish can fade away

5.    AmazerBath Bamboo Wood Soap Dish, Oval Bar Soap Holder

Why hesitant to choose a wooden soap dish? Concerned about mold and quality of wood? You must be interested to know more about the properties of high-quality woods, Bamboo wood is known as for natural oil composition with rubber content. You would not regret the decision to adorning your space with elegant bamboo made soap dish. 

This wooden holder is strong and stylish, the sleek surface is easy to clean. Stop worrying about the gushy, foamy soap any more, the hollow spaces wouldn’t let the water stuck in the dish. The oval bamboo soap dish is stylish enough to add worth to your interior. 


  • Water-resistant
  • Compact design


  • Sometimes get stains

6.    Stjerne Nigiri Bamboo Soap Dish

How many times you might have seen your soap swimming in the water? Seems weird! A gushy, greasy soap may turn quickly into a greasy texture that is tough to handle even. Get out of this mess and get a decent wooden dish as earliest as possible; the finest fitted bars have the draining property to increase the life of the soap. 

 This square wooden soap dish is truly inspired by Sushi trays and Masu boxes designs, design can perfectly complement your new wooden interior.


  • Traditional style
  • Bars to pass air

7.    Anweek Soap Dish Wooden Soap Saver Holder Soap Tray

Pine has irresistible qualities of durability, although soft rather quite fit for making luxury home accessories. it has enough strength to prevent the wood from swelling or shrinking while using in the moist environment of the bathroom. The exotic smell of wood can smooth your senses, while style is simple rather very elegant for your fine home interior. Natural material has very little tendency to mix up in water to cause harmful allergies on your sensitive skin.    


  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Prevent shrinking and swelling of wood


  • Wood can stink after a few months of use

8.    Bathroom Wooden Soap Case Holder

Bathroom wooden soap case holder is handcrafted in a slanted design, a durable material that you can use for a longer time. Don`t worry about the size, as it’s so compact to fit in a normal size travel bag, not going to occupy much space in the luggage. Pine fights well with weather conditions, by increasing the life of the soap. The slanted shape Wooden soap dish is quite a suitable holder to stain water instantly through the bars.    


  • Compatible size
  • Weather-resistant quality


  • Soap can stick to due to slanting shape

9.    Amazerbath Bamboo Wood Soap Dish, Square Bar Soap Holder

Bamboo made wooden soap dish works well by keeping your soap fresh and clean, durable and chic design looks perfect to place anywhere in your home. Ventilation quality made it suitable for placing in the washroom.


  • Durable and stylish
  • Ventilate well


  • Need to clean often

10.                   Extra pins Bathroom Natural Wooden Soap Case Holder

You are Art enthusiastic who always desires to embellish his surroundings with antique pieces, so this wooden handicraft soap dish may look perfect with genuine wood made furniture. A fine coating with non-toxic finishing makes it an alternative to polyurethane, this quality makes it a safe product for your family members. Going to the house warming party of your best friend? Why not take one as the chic style of this product makes it a memorable gift. 

The draining soap dish can increase the life of the soap; the bars will drain all the water quickly from the dish. You would like to add a stylish item in your home decor.


  • Polyurethane free, non-toxic
  • Natural looks


  • The coating may fade away


We had given an overview of wooden soap dishes available for you, among all these products teak soap dish is the best product above all. It would add more worth to your chic furniture accessories. The style, quality, and properties all can be considered to classify this soap dish as the best choice.