April 20, 2020

How to take care of your wooden soap dish

Taking good care of your household accessories will increase their life and you would be able to utilize them for a long time. It doesn`t require much effort on your part if you are in the regular habit of cleaning the décor items, every object is supposed to clean in a different way depending upon the material of it. Let’s learn how you can keep your favorite soap dish away from mold and damage due to moisture.

How to get rid of mold from a soap dish?

Why so ignorant about the regular cleaning of your wooden piece of art? Just to remind you, that soap dish is responsible to carry the soap in it but keeping it clean is at your end. So don`t get panic if you see mold on the dish after a few weeks, of course, if not getting proper care from your side.

Come on, let`s make things simple, fix a day during your whole week for cleaning this little cutie.

Mold Soap Dish

Mix up little baking soda into few drops of lemon, add 2 spoons of vinegar in it and now, shake it well to form a substance. Take out the soap from the dish and apply this solution all over the soap dish, leave it for a few minutes, almost fifteen. Rinse it off thoroughly; now keep it at normal temperature to dry, wait for many hours to give it time for drying up. Now it is ready to use again, repeat this process once in a week to keep the wooden dish fresh and mildew free.    

Which wood is best for a soap dish?

Teak Wood Tree

You have the option to select from various products available in the market. There is something unique about the Teak wood which makes it superior to other options. Teak wood is indeed the best possible choice for a soap dish due to its immense strength and resisting power against a moist atmosphere. Cleaning a teak soap dish is quite simple and convenient as it would not carry much of liquid due to its smooth surface. Make things easy for you; wash your soap dish once in a while to get rid of sticking debris.  

How to clean a soap dish?  

Well, try to clean the wooden soap dish twice in a week, if possible. If you got a bit late to do so, you have to make more effort. Empty the soap dish for cleaning purposes, use a small toothbrush to clean every side of the soap dish. You may check it all over, make sure you didn’t find mold on the dish. If not, just soft brush can clean it properly; wash it off by rubbing with your hands. The next step is waiting to get it dry for the next use. You may place it into the sunshine after washing, please make sure the heat is not scorching the wood, only if you can feel the temperature is low.

Keep soap dish clean and tidy to prevent any kind of damage, as these wooden cases don`t use nails or glues, these are crafted. Why not use two soap dishes, when you have to clean one, use the other one.