April 19, 2020

Do I really need a wooden soap dish?


Thinking about designing a perfect dream bathroom? Let’s not forget about the bar soap here. Many people realize that they don’t have space for the bar soap after construction is finished.  Then a simple built-in soap ledge is installed on a random place in the bathroom, which results in a not properly drained place for soap. We have written this tiny guide on how to choose the perfect wooden soap dish.

Storing Bar Soap

Storing bar soap is very important for me because when I am taking a bath and soap is just on the typical ledge it’ll slide onto the floor or tub, it will leave residue, bubbly water on unwanted places and lots of other annoying things. I prefer to keep a bar of soap in a wooden soap tray which is non-slippery and doesn’t leave any residue.

Soap Dish Residue
Soap Dish Residue

Dirty Water

I wouldn’t call it dirty water but it’s not pleasant to look the soap tray without proper draining holes and collecting all the soapy water. I have seen some fancy ceramic and marble soap dishes which are completely useless because either they break easily by simply falling on the floor or compromise in draining water to make it look more beautiful.

Melted Soap

I had this soap dish which looked so beautiful, but when I started using it, it wasn’t practical at all! The water stayed in the dish and was melting my soap, which resulted in clammy smushy soap. Getting soap to stay dry I had to drain the water every day.

Mushy Soap

Types of Soap Dishes

So, from experience and lots of trial and error I learnt that wooden soap dishes are perfect for me, consider the following.

  1. Metal Soap Dishes: I spent hours designing my bathroom and bought few metal soap dishes, I could never accommodate to look them nicely in my bathroom because I personally think that it looks too industrial and I was scared that rust will ruin my bathroom.
  2. Plastic – I never bought plastic trays because they’re harmful to the environment.
  3. Ceramic – I had two lovely soap dishes in my guest bathroom, but they keep breaking easily by just falling off the edge.
  4. Wooden Soap Dishes – By far the best experience using wooden dishes, they don’t rust, I buy them from environment-friendly wood sourcing companies, and I don’t have to worry about them being broken easily. They certainly don’t look industrial.

It is essential in a washroom to maintain proper hygiene. Soap dishes are necessary items for your household; they are perfect for keeping you safe and healthy. If you do not use the soap dish, the melting and spilling of soap on the floor can put you into the danger of slipping. The soap dish can prevent you from messing up with the foamy floor and dripping of soapy water.  We have done some research to provide you with some information about the soap dishes.  Wooden soap dishes are functional, durable, and available in artistic designs that suit well with your stylish home interior.

Durable and Quality Material

Wooden soap holders are mostly crafted with beach or teakwood that is famous for its strength.  It can increase the life of your soap by draining extra water and keeping the soap dry naturally. Many teak soap dishes are available in exotic designs to complement with other unique things in your house.

You don’t need to worry about any breaking or damage of your wooden soap dish, as it can happen in the washroom often.  The wooden soap dish is a perfect choice if you feel worried about the safety of the Glass soap dish. The teak soap dish is made of genuine teak wood that makes this dish suitable to place anywhere in the house or office.

If it falls on the floor, sometimes it will not break or damage easily, so you can rally on wooden soap holders to work for you longer than other materials like plastic and glass.

Stylish and Unique

Wooden soap dishes are not only practical but stylish and antique at the same time.  Amazingly beautiful crafted pieces are available for the design-oriented people; who would like to see everything trendy in their surroundings. Whether it’s the washroom or the drawing room of your wooden house, the wooden designs can fit in with different kinds of decorations perfectly, so why not place one along with the washbasin of your dining room?  If you are looking for something unique, you can search handcrafted wooden soap dishes to add handmade beauty into the interior of your house. Many designs are available with bars and holes to keep the soap in the best condition to use on your sensitive skin. 

Maintain Good Hygiene

Hygiene is a matter of concern when we talk about bathroom accessories. Wooden soap dishes are made of natural material; mostly teak wood soap dishes are available in the market.  A slide slot design is a perfect choice to keep the soap dry, and it can help to drain the water naturally.

The well-ventilated soap dish can prevent the soap from rotting and melting. Soap Dish must be designed to drain the stuck water, not turn into a strange greasy liquid.  The wooden soap dish is odorless; it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals that would be a matter of concern for the health of your family.

It is crucial to maintain excellent hygiene practices inside your washroom.  If you are using a draining wooden soap dish, but still you have concerns about the collection of water beneath the soap dish, you can use a soap dish tray to hold dripping water. Bamboo wood has unique anti-bacterial properties that may help to refresh you after a bath.

Compact Design

Wooden soap dishes come in elegant styles so that they can add more beauty to your space while its home or workplace. The bamboo soap dish is light-weighted and simple, so perfectly blend with the kitchen, dining room, or bedroom surroundings.

The Stone soap dish looks trendy and unique, but a wooden made soap dish is famous for its compact size and lightweight design. The bamboo soap dish is quite perfect for placing in your drawing room as the brown soap dish can seamlessly accompany the other wooden furniture at the place.   

Easy to clean

The washroom soap dish requires frequent cleaning; even if the dish has ventilation with holes, it still collects debris of soap scattered on the side. The wooden soap dish is so easy to clean, and doesn’t need much effort on your end. After 2 or 3 days of use, you may place the soap aside and use a small brush to clean the dish. After rinsing off with water thoroughly, you can put it in the sunshine to dry completely. Remember that even the teak soap dish will not emit any unpleasant smell, but cleanliness is still mandatory to keep it in good condition for more prolonged use. The square soap dish is easy to clean with a little effort, so the best choice for your home.


You don’t need to find much space for placing the soap holders as these dishes have a reasonable size to occupy lesser space. Still, if you want to get more airy space for the dish, you can use holders to stand the soap dish with a wall; it’s convenient to get rid of dripping water from the holes. It can make things more convenient for you, and the bottom holes will don’t let the water stuck in the dish, so ultimately soap will remain dry and smooth naturally.


The wooden soap dish will not prove to be a burden on your budget; it is going to shake up your household spending schedule. Several designs with different dependable features are available to buy at reasonable prices. Soap holders are an essential part of your home décor, so select the best product, keeping in mind that is should not be able to take a massive chunk of your precious amount. Be mindful while spending money for a small bathroom item, which may have a few months life span.

Final words

You must need the right quality soap holder to preserve your soap from turning into a gushy and messy substance. Choose a product that can be easy to use and clean, can emerge as a part of your interior décor. Consider the other sanitary material color and structure if you are about to purchase one of the soap dishes for the washroom.